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[ Modifying ] Another Word ( un·dress ( un dres′; for n., usually un′dres′ ) hear it hear it ( it

(( uma das condições indispensáveis da construção é a ingenuidade da disposição que torna o corpo leve e a ber to

em consonância com a luminosa vibração do espaço e a sequência fluvial do tempo ~

António Ramos Rosa ~ abertura edges of illusion John Surman ~~
then: Amiee and Chantelle Fashion Show We all got undressed then put on the fashion clothes and went on stage to model them.
completely: Exposure: all multiple injured patients should be completely undressed.
slowly ( languidly ? : As the water hit the shore outside, he'd slowly undress me and kiss each part of my body.
quickly: The bus driver and the man were quickly undressing to reveal that they were in fact a flaming red devil and a grim reaper.
partially: After Aaron told his story, the women left the courtroom and Aaron partially undressed and stood before the jury.
all ( almost? : The three immortal goddesses Had come, and all undressed To ask a mortal man to choose Which was the loveliest. Modifies a noun:
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